South Canterbury Wine and Food Festival - SC Hospice 6 Feb 2010.



I performed at the South Canterbury Wine and Food Festival 2010 at the Timaru Botanical Gardens. Over 3000 enjoyed the stunning setting and lovely blue sky to come together and support the SC Hospice Society. Video, photography and sound was recorded by Geoff Cloake. I quite like that you can hear the audience enjoying the festival and I think this really helps give the feeling of the day.


Organisers were still tallying up the proceeds but it was estimated the event, in aid of Hospice South Canterbury, raised well over $40,000. The South Canterbury Wine and Food Festival has been an annual event on the summer calendar for the past 10 years.


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"Her laid back easy listening style of music presented with passion certainly turned heads and won the hearts of many at our 10th annual Wine and Food Festival... Your presence and performance certainly enriched the festival and those attending..." read more.