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Arthur Street Cafe
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Feel free to pop into Blue's Kitchen for a listen and bite to eat, I usually play the first Friday of each month... (Except for 1st November 2013)


Roselyn Cloake Performing at the South Canterbury Sports Awards  


Roselyn Cloake is a passionate singer, with a voice that touches your soul, she sings jazz, roots, and rhythm. Inspired by Sarah McLauchlan, Madeleine Peyroux and Norah Jones, she is now working on her solo project singing her own music and the well known tracks of all those that have influenced her. Creating a sound that eases your mind she lays you back with her sombre tones, while you nod and smile softly | next

"I like the idea of being the wallpaper of the room, not the art. I perform to create an atmosphere at weddings, corporate dinners and functions, where there is space for people to chat and enjoy their company... let the creative juices flow..."

Roselyn’s fan base hears her music and describes it as cool, chilled and laid back. Her solo project is wide in range: '88 keys of happiness', carries not only her vocal talents but a mobile concert piano as well, allowing her to perform her own music and covers rearranged in her unique style for your listening pleasure.

"There is a real buzz watching an audience try to figure out why a song is familiar - most of the time they are not used to hearing a song like Creep from Radiohead, or Heartbreak Hotel from Elvis arranged to suit a easy listening jazz style, I like bringing something new to something familiar"